Work Package 2:
Continuum Design
for Real Problems

WP2 is co-led by Greg Offer (ICL) and Charles Monroe (Oxford), and supported by Giles Richardson (Southampton), Monica Marinescu (ICL), S. Jon Chapman (Oxford), Colin Please (Oxford), Jamie Foster (Plymouth) and Jacqueline Edge (ICL). Our Common Modelling Framework (CMF), incorporating ultra-fast solvers (DandeLiion) and a versatile modelling environment (PyBaMM), has emerged as one of the key deliverables of the MSM project and has been instrumental in reducing computational time and lowering the barrier to entry for modellers who don’t want to become expert coders. WP2 will work in partnership with WP1, feeding in parameters determined through fundamental methods. WP2 will also work with WP3 to exploit the science in reduced order models for control. The team in WP2 therefore includes those working on developing the solvers and the maths behind the models, the physics to be modelled, and those using the models to solve application inspired problems. These tools will be used to design new cells a packs, to enhance not only performance and lifetime, but also sustainability through, for example, ease of recycling.