Li nucleation on the graphite anode under potential control in Li-ion batteries – now published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A

23 Investigators, 28 Research Associates and 20+ PhD Students across 9 UK universities 


Multiscale Modelling is funded by The Faraday Institution, a new independent institute for electrochemical energy storage science and technology, supporting research, training and analysis.

The funding is part of the UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.






Project Structure:
3 Work Packages



There is a need for accurate battery models, incorporating the latest insights from the physics, electrochemistry and engineering of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles. This project brings together expertise across all length scales, from atoms and molecules right up to a whole battery pack, to design simulations which will enable us to understand how the length scales relate to each other, predict battery performance and lifetime under a range of conditions and, ultimately, design better batteries.