Work Package 3:
Control & Estimation Methods

WP3 is co-led by Dhammika Widanalage (Warwick) and David Howey (Oxford), and supported by James Marco (Warwick), Greg Offer (ICL), Billy Wu (ICL), Plamen Angelov (Lancaster) and Dan Brett (UCL). WP3 is designed to address important application-oriented UK industrial needs, including novel multiphysics continuum modelling frameworks at cell and pack level, and new reduced order modelling and parameterisation approaches. The project consortium has strong relationships with many companies from start-ups to international organisations, including Brill Power, Dukosi, Breathe, Delta Motorsport, Aston Martin, Williams, JLR, Shell and Siemens. Specific control and estimation topics requested by our existing industrial partners include accurate and consistent prediction of battery failure and end of life, lab and field based diagnostic tools for state of health and available power, and advanced control strategies to extend battery life within applications. All of these are required to work in a wide and diverse range of use cases.